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My name is David Lee. My LLC, Crumpington Consulting, focuses on software design and development for scientific, industrial, and back-end processes. The aim of Crumpington Consulting is to help individuals and organizations find unique, practical solutions to their complex computing problems.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Computer Sciences in 2002, I gained corporate experience as a programmer/analyst for the Marshfield Clinic in their electronic medical records division. Some of my key tasks in this position included streamlining transcription reporting systems and a major rewrite of the combined medical record application.

After several years at the Marshfield Clinic, I returned to UW-Madison to pursue a degree in plasma physics. As a graduate student, I worked on variety of programming projects involving simulations, hardware interfaces, data analysis, and distributed computing. I rewrote the analysis code for the Thomson-scattering temperature diagnostic, created a web-based electronic logging application for the Madison Symmetric Torus experiment, developed infrastructure for running distributed simulations, and developed data-collection and processing software for an x-ray spectroscopy diagnostic.

In time, I realized that working on these programing problems was the most satisfying part of my work and that my aptitude for creative problem-solving could be applied in a variety of industries. After graduating with an MS in Plasma Physics, I formed Crumpington Consulting in order to meet the software and programing needs of individuals and business.

I'm currently located in Milwaukee, WI, but I'm happy to travel anywhere in the world.