Batcht provides on-demand, auto scaling batch compute clusters as a service. A compute cluster consists of a head node, a job queue, a shared file system, and any number of compute nodes.

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Our native command-line client has a simple, consistent interface for easy integration with any language.
Online in about two minutes.
Billed hourly
Only pay for the resources you use.
Auto scaling
Compute nodes may be automatically added as your job queue grows.
Failed compute nodes are automatically replaced, and jobs are requeued.
Automatic monitoring
Failed head nodes are automatically replaced. Your job queue and shared data are preserved on network-attached storage.
Your communication is secured using TLS.


Find our documentation here.


Our command line client can be found here.

Pricing 1

Batcht bills by the hour for compute and storage resources.

Compute Pricing

Node Type CPUs Memory Price/Hour
std-0 1 2 GB $0.040
std-1 1 6 GB $0.068
std-2 2 13 GB $0.125
std-4 4 26 GB $0.239
std-8 8 51 GB $0.461
std-12 12 77 GB $0.690
std-16 16 102 GB $0.910
std-20 20 128 GB $1.139

Storage Pricing

Shared and compute node storage is billed at a rate of $0.00038/GB-Hr.

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