Compute Node Configuration

SSH Access

If you set up SSH Authorized Keys in the cluster’s configuration, then you should be able to log in to any node in your cluster. You can find the IP addresses of your cluster’s nodes in the web interface. You can sign in as user:

ssh user@node.ip.address


Each compute node will boot to an identical environment:

Boot Sequence

Init Scripts

You may specify init scripts, saved in /mnt/shared/init/, in order to customize the compute node. These are run with root privileges, giving you total control over the system.

Additionally, you may store whatever data you’d like in /mnt/shared/, avoiding the directories /mnt/shared/init/ and /mnt/shared/jobs/, because they are used by the system.

For example, after your cluster is created you may sign into a node and install build tools in order to build an application. You can then store this application on the shared filesystem. You could then use an init script to copy the application into /usr/local/bin.